About Ned


Individually and as an agency we have earned a number of distinctive awards. Two examples stand out. For adapting low-cost
internet market research into a branding/positioning campaign, we earned a Silver Anvil award from the Public Relations Society of
America. We are the only recipients to earn MacEachern awards for healthcare communications expertise in four consecutive
years. We have also earned three ADDY awards.


In 1978, the agency’s owner became the youngest person to ever earn PRSA Accreditation. Four years later, he became the first
person to earn status as a “Fellow” in PR and Marketing from the American Hospital Association.


The agency’s principal is on the editorial board of the industry’s leading trade magazine, “PR News,” and has served on the boards
of other industry trade organizations.


Ned Barnett is an adjunct professor at several universities, having taught writing, public relations and marketing at two state
universities (MTSU and UNLV) and two regional colleges (CSN and Midlands TEC). Working with three separate publishers, he
wrote ten books on healthcare public relations and marketing, at a time when these were each the first published books in their
market niches.