Since 1972, Ned Barnett has been an innovator in the realms of public relations, marketing, advertising and the use of market research studies to create favorable press coverage for clients. Within that overall scope of service and experience, Barnett has focused on writing and communications in meeting his clients’ needs.

Along the way, he has written more than 550 published articles and 25 published non- fiction books and maybe 1,000 blogs, most of them – except blogs and articles written for clients – focused on the innovative uses of PR, marketing or advertising. Books include the seminal Hospital Marketing: Step-by-Step, which was bought by one-third of all American hospitals during the mid-1980s, and State of the Art in Hospital Advertising. In the 70s and 80s, Barnett was in demand as a speaker at healthcare marketing and PR events. He was voted top speaker at the American Hospital Association’s 1981 annual convention, and three years later, he became the first person to earn Fellowship status in hospital PR and marketing from the AHA.

With the advent of the Internet, Barnett transferred his marketing and PR skills to supporting companies expanding onto the Internet (HCA) as well as Internet-based companies such as Heathy. net. From 1995 through the first crash of Silicon Valley in late 2001, Barnett focused his energies on helping start-ups become blockbusters. During this time, he earned a PRSA Silver Anvil for using online market research to successfully reposition billion-dollar Documentum from “document management” to “content management.”

Barnett became, in 1978, the youngest person to earn Accreditation from PRSA; in 1984, he became the first person to earn four consecutive MacEachern Awards for excellence in hospital PR; he has earned three ADDY awards and the previously-noted PRSA Silver Anvil.

While offering state-of-the-art services in PR and Marketing, Barnett focuses much of his attention on writing and communicating for his clients. He has been published in Time, Newsweek and Newsweek Japan, the New York Times and hundreds of other publications; he has been interviewed five times each by Cavuto and Imus, and has been on hundreds of radio and TV programs, and has been featured in more than 150 print and online articles. He has also appeared as on-camera historian on nine History Channel Programs (including D-Day Tech and World War I Tech) and served as screen- credited historical researcher on five of those programs.

His published writings include more than a dozen ghost-written books – one of his most recent ghosted books, Beautifully Profitable/Forever Profitable, is currently in its fifth edition – as well as writing hundreds of blogs, guest editorials and contributed articles for clients. His next book, Write Now! Writing YOUR Book – The One That Will Attract Clients and Help Land You on TV, will be published in early 2018.

An adjunct professor in PR, marketing and writing at four colleges and universities, Barnett has also royalty-published two science fiction novels (one now available on Kindle). He has also Kindle-published ten historically-accurate novels about the air war in the Pacific in 1941-42.


Individually and as an agency we have earned a number of distinctive awards. Two examples stand out. For adapting low-cost internet market research into a branding/positioning campaign, we earned a Silver Anvil award from the Public Relations Society of America. We are the only recipients to earn MacEachern awards for healthcare communications expertise in four consecutive years. We have also earned three ADDY awards.


Ned Barnett is an adjunct professor at several universities, having taught writing, public relations and marketing at two state universities (MTSU and UNLV) and two regional colleges (CSN and Midlands TEC). Working with three separate publishers, he wrote ten books on healthcare public relations and marketing, at a time when these were each the first published books in their market niches.


The agency’s principal is on the editorial board of the industry’s leading trade magazine, “PR News,” and has served on the boards of other industry trade organizations.


In 1978, the agency’s owner became the youngest person to ever earn PRSA Accreditation. Four years later, he became the first person to earn status as a “Fellow” in PR and Marketing from the American Hospital Association.

Ned’s not exactly a polymath, but he does have a wide range of interests that include:

  • Reading voraciously in fields ranging from science fiction to archeology, murder mysteries to paleontology – but especially history, from the dawn of man to the dawn of the atomic age, as well as anything about science that isn’t a Ph.D.-level textbook
  • Building plastic models of airplanes, ships, AFVs and science fiction subjects
  • My “build-someday” N-gauge model railroad layout
  • Cats – I’m even known as “Katmandu”
  • Enjoying movies with lots of explosions and a high body count
  • Writing blogs, books and articles on history, politics, my hobbies and my faith
  • Our kids and grandkids (please, don’t get me started …)
  • Target shooting (I don’t hunt, but I was on the rifle team at college and still love to shoot)

In addition to my other activities, I am active in our church, Central Christian Church with a focus on its small group ministry – Central broadcasts its services online, which is great for times when Lynn and I can’t get out of the house, at least on their schedule